4 extraordinary places outside of Hong Kong city

4 extraordinary places outside of Hong Kong city


Hong Kong does have some places outside the city which are worth visiting.  Here are 4 extraordinary places outside of Hong Kong city.


Located on the south of Hong Kong island, you can take a bus to Stanley from Central station. To get a good bus ride view, I would suggest taking a bus. You will be able to see the beach and nice houses along the way.

Stanley is by the sea and getting around is simple. You should be able to cover Stanley within a day by foot. Stanley market sells all kinds of souvenir and food. It can be crowded with tourists and locals during the weekend. Get around Stanley market road, Stanley village road, that’s where all the attractions are.

Along the beach towards Stanley main street, you will reach Murray house. Murray House is a 160-year old restored three-story colonial building. There is a restaurant on the first floor of the building which has a nice sea view. There is a temple nearby that is nicely maintained, popped in and get some blessing. Stanley Plaza is where you can rest your feet. There are shops selling drink and also some shop selling local handicraft.

Lantau Island

Lantau Island is the most visited offshore island in Hong Kong. You can take a train to Tung Chung MTR Station, exit B and walk to the cable car station. It’s a long cable car ride and definitely worth the ride. You are able to view the entire runway of the airport. Other than the cable car, there is also a hiking path to Lantau island.

Lantau island features the Big Buddha sitting on top of a mountain, there is a huge fleet of stairs to get up to the mountain. At the foot of the mountain, you can buy an optional vegetarian meal ticket which comes with rice, vegetarian food, and soup. The restaurant is located at the top of the hill, you can have your meal after completing enjoying you climb and scenery. Food is delicious and comes in a big portion. You can also purchase some light snacks too.

Buddha statues normally face the east, that where the sun rises. But the Big Buddha faces Beijing, China. Bring up your compass when you are up there and look at where that direction is pointing to.

Cheung Chau Island

Cheung Chau island is near to Lantau island, you can take a ferry from the Central pier which takes roughly 35 mins to 50 mins depending on the ferry you are taking. It’s a nice little layback village. You can either walk around or rent a bicycle near the pier and you are all set to explore this island. There are many eateries around the island, some of the famous delicacies are the fish ball noodles and steam egg.

Do remember to visit the beach if you like some sea sports.

Tai O fishing village

Tai O is located in the west of Lantau Island, you can take bus service 21 from Ngong Ping Bus terminal. The bus ride is around 30 mins. It is a fishing village suitable for those who want to escape the city life. There are some artefacts in the cultural centre used in the olden days. Along the street, you will see people selling all sort of seafood, regardless fresh or dried seafood. Of course, there are also some seafood restaurants where you can enjoy. You will see resident sundry some fishes or duck egg yolk under the sun.

This island is pretty small, take a slow walk and enjoy the lay-back village life. You can walk all the way to the police station which is at the far end of this island. I took less than half to three-quarter of a day to explore the village.

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