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Been baking for 10 years and decided to invest on a reputable oven. Read many review on this oven call Baby Belling, well known for its quality, durable and maintain even heat temperature during baking.

But this oven is not commonly found in Singapore, I have looking around, called the distributor and it’s coming to Singapore. Quickly go around looking for it and saw it in a electronic store.

This oven has those old fashion look and is really solid, the door is pretty thick and closed really tight.

You can find more details of the oven here.

Wasting no more time, I quickly place an order for it and have to wait 2 days for it to arrive.

Finally today, I got my new oven!!!!
My Baby.. came wrapped up nicely…

After unwrapping it.
After unwrapping it.

It has also 2 hobs on top of the oven.
At each time, you can only use one hob and baking at the same time. Or you can use the 2 hobs at the same time if you are not baking at all.

Peeling off the protective sticker on the stainless steel door
Peeling off the protective sticker on the stainless steel door
The inner potion of the oven.
The inner potion of the oven.

Can;t wait to bake using this oven, hope it will produce good result as mention from these different website.
Going to bake this weekend, stay tune…..

18 thoughts on “Baby Belling

  1. Hello there. Do you recommend baby belling? How’s the experience? Am residing in Singapore and came across the 25L model in courts. Looks small and door is not transparent but sales rep says the oven generates even heat which gives excellent baking results.

  2. Hi Hazelnut,

    Thanks for reading my post 🙂

    I’m a happy customer.
    This is my first baby belling and I love it. I could say, this oven is design for professional baking and I feel confident on the result. The cakes taste so much better in term of texture. Temperature stay constant throughout the baking.

    Yup, the door is not transparent, heavy and might have a problem taking a peek to check on the cake. Just take note of the time needed for the first time baking and the subsequent baking is a breeze. Also realise the cake take slightly longer to get fully bake but it’s worth for the 5-10 mins wait.

    As for the price, I would recommend you to those smaller shop around in SG like Parisilk or the one below Kallang Leisure world. You be surprise about the price different.


  3. Hi there, does Parasilk has all the models or we have to order and they ship them over? Do they do repairs too? As I’m been looking for this oven as my current baby belling is very old since I was young being passed down frm my mom. Either I can get it repaired or buy a bigger one for my frequent baking.


  4. You can call Amtek at 6472 6500 for service. They have a Belling oven specialist. Sadly some spare parts are no longer available for old models (10-15 years Baby Belling ovens). Have got a 16-year old stand alone electric oven but have difficulty in finding spare parts (thermostat and energy regulator) to replace. Check UK websites under Belling spares.

  5. Hi, I wonder where you place your oven? It looks big and heavy to be on table top, but it seems to low to be placed on the floor. Considering getting baby belling, but not sure where to put it so that it doesn’t seem so out.

    1. Hi icyelightning,

      I have move my site. Will replying you here. 🙂

      Trying out Mrs NgSK butter cake. There are a few blogs you can find on this. It was mentioned in one of the blogs that the cake rise to ~4.5cm. But mine is at most 3cm. I inserted a toothpick and it always came out clean. I tried for the 3rd time today, adding 20min more but the result is still the same. Now I am wondering if the creaming was done well, or if I was too slow in preparing the batter that results in the cake not rising. Took me 45min from starting to cream to starting to bake. What mixer are you using?

      Saw the Mrs NgSK butter cake on some blog, look nice. It shouldn’t take that long to cream it. At the max, it should take around 10 minutes.
      I’m using a Kenwood Chef, normally take about 5-7 mins to cream at 200g butter at medium speed.
      What’s the temperature of the butter when you cream it?

      1. Butter should be around room temp. Kept testing until I could make a dent on it.
        Creaming is about 15min as I stop a few times to scrap the sides of the bowl, though actual beating takes less than 10min. But adding the eggs, flour, milk and egg white took the rest of the time. Also because I stop to scrap the sides of the bowl for more even mixing.
        We can stop creaming as soon as we see the butter become pale right? I don’t know if that is considered fluffy or not. Just see ridges made by the whisk.

        1. Normally I do also check the batter using a spatula too, the batter should feel lighter when you move your spatula through it.

          You can experiment it by beating it for 5 mins, scrap the sides of the bowl and try to fold the batter. You will feel the resistant.
          Beat for another 5 mins and try it again. You will feel less resistant and the color should have turn pale.
          Just keep trying when you feel you hit the correct texture.

          That’s what I have been practicing.
          Any picture of your cake?

  6. very informative product discussion, thanks MrKian and all! let’s see if i’d ever invest in such professional oven as this when I have my home~ (still prefer a window on the door to get to check on the baking ;))

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