Gangtey is to the west of Bhutan.

We had our lunch at a shop located in between of Trongsa and Gangtey. This shop has once hosted the Bhutan king. The owner has specially decorated the shop and a special seat for the Highness. The photos hanging on the wall has express how much the locals respected their King. Gangtey seems to be much colder than Bumthang making us stay indoors. The snow on the ground has not melted yet.

Upon reaching Gangtey, we visited a monastery where the high monk was believed to be reincarnated from his previous life. He has many overseas followers and they have donated money for renovation and building of monastery and nunnery. All Bhutanese building has a strong religion infusion and local culture. We sat in the monastery to relax and enjoy the peaceful afternoon. Priceless.

The next destination, Gangtey nature reserve require a 4 km hike at an altitude of 2900m. It’s also a wetland area where the black neck crane flies from Tibet to escape from winter. It’s the starting of the season and we are only able to catch a few of them. I did not bring my zoom lens and could only manage to take a few pics of them from far. The nature reserve is beautiful and is an enjoyable and easy hike.

The hotel we stayed at Gangtey is constructed using wood. It’s located on a high slope overseeing the wetland. It gets colder at night and we have to quickly set up our fireplace. The fire starter is pinecones and they catch fire easily. The fireplace makes our room feel warm and cosy but we have to replace the firewood before it runs out.

The sunrise is extremely beautiful and we able to see bird and crane flying across the wetland. The morning air is cold and I appreciated my hot bath and had a good breakfast.

We are going to be a 6 hours long ride back to Paro. Looking forward to our next destination, the tiger nest which hangs on a precipitous cliff at 3,120 metres.


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