Mei Yuen (美園) Restaurant

Mei Yuen (美園) restaurant has been around Katong area since I was young, this shop always gives me the nostalgic memories of my childhood days. Their roasts are authentic and have not changed over the years. Serving are generous and the price is reasonable. I always order their Wanton noodles which is very old school […]


Nobuya is a famous Japanese eatery located at Fortune Centre. It is a sake place frequented by Japanese. We reserved a table at 7 pm to avoid the long queue. Customers who did not reserve a table have to wait for as long as 2 hours. Out of the 3 pages menu, drinks have taken up […]

Gobi Dessert

Gobi Dessert cafe produces their own enzyme and you can find these 2 machines near the glass door. The fruits are fermented for 60 days and rested for another 10 days before they can be consumed. You can buy them at a bottle of SGD48 and cheaper if you buy 2 or more. The enzyme is […]

Leong Yeow Chicken Rice

Leong Yeow chicken rice stall is located in a coffee shop along Waterloo street, it has been there for many years and had a good reputation of their roasted chicken. Their chicken is tasty and the meat is very tender, it’s not dry like other stalls. The sauce can be a bit salty. We ordered […]

Restoran SY 欣洋酒楼

Restoran SY is no stranger to folks staying at Batu Pahat, Malaysia. This restaurant serves quality local food at a reasonable price. We reached around 230pm and manage to catch the last order before they close for the afternoon rest at 3pm. They will reopen again at 5pm till late night. I would say all the dishes […]

Singapore Kin Kin Ban Mian

Have tried this in Malaysia and this is now always available in Singapore. I have posted in one of my posts and the noodle was fantastic. When this shop was open in Singapore, there are long queues every day. Therefore, I have waited for the queue to cool down before trying this. I went there […]

Ubin First Stop Restaurant

It was my mum’s birthday and we had an impromptu dinner at Ubin First Stop Restaurant.  Located in Changi Village, it’s a place whereby I and my family go quite often as its pretty laid back and quiet. Such places are hard to find nowadays. It isn’t our first time there and it was the […]

Victor’s Kitchen

Located at Sunshine plaza, this humble little shop attract many people each day. Even before the shop opens it door at 1030 daily, there are people queuing outside for their authentic Hong Kong dim sum. The tables are arranged pretty closely to each other, reminds me of the Cha Chan Tang (café) in Hong Kong. After selecting our […]