Mount Rinjani

Pretty much inspired by a Mount Rinjani video, look challenging yet interesting. I decide to take up the challenge with my aunt and cousin. We took up a 2D1N package from Adi trekking and proceed with the trip. There’s a couple thing that needs to be prepared. 3/4 T-shirt Jacket Sweater Short/Long pants Small towel Sun hat […]


Ubud, northeast of Seminyak is another town where many tourists love to visit. We rented a car and drove up to Ubud, traffic was bad in Seminyak but traffic got better as we leave the city area. There are endless of shops selling souvenirs and stops for food too. Today is also the last day of their new […]


Naughty Wari This is another popular restaurant in Bali, they are famous for their pork ribs and pork chop. Thanks to the GPS, we manage to find this location. It’s dinner time and the queue is very long. Beside this shop, there is a souvenirs shop that belongs to this restaurant. While queuing, you can already […]

Ring of Fire

I have long heard of the beauty of Bromo, and I just got to be there to witness it with my very own eyes. The trip to Surabaya had always been on my mind since 2011 but the plan had been shelved because of volcanic eruptions. 1 May 2014, I was finally on the plane […]