Fitbit Charge HR

I use to have a fitness wristband that helps to keep track of my steps and sleeping pattern. It tracks my steps and my sleeping pattern, I’m able to sync onto my mobile and provided statistic graph and figure over a period of time. I use it on my trekking trip as well, monitoring how far and how much steps I have covered. However, it does not have a heart rate tracking which makes the calories burn down inaccurate. It does not have a clock feature and I have to wear a watch plus the fitness wristband which is troublesome as time goes by.

I decide to look around for an affordable fitness wristwatch which has a watch, heart rate monitoring and able to count my steps as well. This will give me accurate calories burn down and monitoring of my actual heart rate. I came across Fitbit Charge HR and seem like it has all that I want, I do like the sleek design as well. The charging port is at the back with a heart rate sensor. The strap is not slippery and most importantly, it’s doesn;t feel warm on the skin.

It comes with quite a lot of feature and most of them are configurable. Example are the measurement units, your weight tracking, your sleep goal, your exercise goal which include walking, running, biking, sport and much more. You can also define how you like to interact with your watch and what you want to see on your watch as well. I can tab on the watch which will display through different stuff. The default one is the clock, next is the steps, heart rate, distance travelled, calories burned and stairs climbed. These can all be configured, depending on what you wish to view on the LED.

There are a few points that I observe.

Incoming call notification

With the Bluetooth connection between my phone and the Fitbit charge HR, any incoming call will appear on the Fitbit charge HR LED screen. If you already have the person saved in your contact list, his or her name will appear, else only the phone number will appear. It will vibrate so that you are aware of it. This is useful when I need to switch my phone to silent mode while watching a movie or on a trip, I’m still able to catch all important call.

This can be switch off under the call notification.

Timezone adjustment

Frequent travelers will love this feature. You can sync up your Fitbit mobile app with your Fitbit charge HR to grab the time zone you are in. If you do not want the mobile app to update the time zone, you can switch off the “Set Automatically” feature. From there, you can adjust the time zone you like to be.

Exercise mode

Activate the exercise mode by pressing and hold the button till you see a timer appear. When you are done with your exercise, hold the button till the timer stopped. Sync your watch and you will be able to view the result. I feel this is very useful when I’m exercising or trekking and wish to monitor the period of time I’m working out.


The battery is able to last 4-5 days with Bluetooth switched on. I wore it for a 4 days trip and did not need to charge it at all. There are still 30% of battery life when I finish my trip.

Food database

There is a feature to track the amount of water I drink every day and keep track of the food I ate every day. However, there are only a few food databases in Fitbit. The default food database is the United States and the rest are mostly in the western country, with a few Asian country. I couldn’t find most of the food in the database and I have to use another app to keep track of my food consumption.

Overall, this is a good fitness wristband which comes with a watch. It’s light and water resistant. I wore it whenever I’m exercising and especially during my trip. I can keep my phone in my pocket or in my bag and still able to be notified of any incoming call. I do find the price tag reasonable as it helps to track my health, am also able to show my doctor on the statistics. It’s also a good present for your loved one too.