Grill Barramundi with thyme

Grill barramundi with thyme

This grill barramundi with thyme is a really simple and easy recipe. It required only a few ingredients and taste as good as those sold in the restaurant. What really matters is the freshness of the fish.

Key important to choose a fish is that the eyes are bright and shiny, it does not have a weird fishy smell and the flesh should be nice and firm.

I used some banana leaves to wrap the fish which gives the fish an extra hint of flavor. Wrap the fish with 2 layers to prevent the leaves from breaking. The banana leaf will get burn during the grilling and this is fine.

You can use some foil instead if you do not want to use banana leaves. You can choose any fish that you like for this dish.


Black pepper



Banana leaves



Get the fishmonger to cut the fish into thick slices

Rub salt and pepper onto it

Place  thyme onto the fish

Wrap the fish with banana leaves

Grill the fish from 7 mins on the first side

Flip the fish and grill for another 10 mins.

Use a fork to poke the thickest part of the fish, ensure the fork is able to poke through the flesh. Fully cooked fish is opaque and flaky. Uncook fish flesh is translucent and you should feel some resistant when poking it through. If the fish is uncooked, add another 4 mins – 5 mins and check again.

Unwrap the fish, squeeze some lemon and enjoy.

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