Gunung Panti

I signed up for a hiking trip with a group of like-minded kakis to Gunung Panti. Gunung Panti is located in Kota Tinggi, Johor Bahru.

It was drizzling when we were on our way to Johor. Thankfully, the rain stopped and the weather was cool when we started our trek at 10.30am. It was an easy trek till we were faced with this vertical wall that stands between us and the summit.


Spotted a pretty mushroom along the way.

It definitely looks daunting for those whose hiking experiences are restricted to only Bukit Timah nature reserve.  There are ropes which you could hold on to help you with the climb. 

We had our light lunch, and enjoyed the view at the summit. Many of us also started to compare the number of leeches which got into our shoes.  I found two on my right ankle happily sucking my blood! 

Our reward after this arduous climb was to have a durian feast at Kota Tinggi fruit farm. It was a real let-down though, the durians were awful! We journeyed on to Taman Sentosa for our sumptuous dinner. We had crayfish, sotong, stingray and vegetables which make-up for the let-down we had at the fruit farm.

I look forward for my next hike to Gunung Datuk, Malacca. What excites me is catching the sunrise and good food!

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