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Every trip starts with a discussion, ideas and slowly evolved into an itinerary. It can be fun and be causing a headache at certain times. The main components in an itinerary consist mainly of the places to go, food, budget and the people who you are traveling with. Sometimes individual diet also plays a big part on a trip too. A trip allows friends or lovers to understand one another better and brings them closer. Of course, there are trips which turn the other way round, creating friction as times goes by. An itinerary planner is important during the planning, it allows people to contribute suggestions, expenses planning and the journey for each day.

I was searching for an itinerary planner online and I found something which is useful.

It’s a website call Travefy.

Travefy allows you to create multiple trips and plan each trip together with your friends. Your friends can be part of the contributor or a follower. The contributor will be part of the organizer, he or she can update the itinerary. Once you add a new trip, give it a name and some details, you can start planning your trip.


Itinerary Planner

Travefy allows you to create discussions and ideas. When you reach a point where you are not able to get a clear decision from everyone, you can create a poll and get everyone to vote. This makes things easy and avoids an argument.


Itinerary Planner

To create an event for a particular day, simply click on the “New event” button. This will bring up a little popup with several options. You can choose from Activity, Lodging, flights, ground transport, cruise, and info.

Itinerary Planner


Adding flights and lodging are cool

Enter the flight number or the lodging name and it fetches the details for you.  Click on the “Add to itinerary” and you are done. Travefy automatically adds the flight details for the departure and arrival onto the planner. It’s really that simple and hassle-free. Once you have added in the flights and lodging, you can always click on each of them to view for more information. It presents you useful information like the location on google map, the contact details, and any website URL if available.

On the other hand, you are also able to add any of the events manually. It allows free text entry.

Itinerary Planner Itinerary Planner

Activities are fun

You can enter the activities for each day including food and drinks. You are able to enter free text notes for each activity and the estimated duration for each session. This allows you to get a rough gauge on the time spend on each day and if the planning is feasible. In the event that only some people are interested in certain activities, you are able to indicate the people who are interested in. You are also able to attach documents to each activity, example the soft copy of a booking.

Itinerary Planner

Tracking expenses are simple

Some travel groups require expenses to be sorted out daily so that you have sufficient money to spend the next day. Travefy allows you to update your spending, it help to track who pays for which items and who needs to pay to an individual. Keep updating the budget list and it will automatically compute the expenses for everyone.

Itinerary Planner

I have used Travefy with my friends for a couple of trips and it allows us to contribute to the itinerary together. It simple and have a few good features which are useful during the planning.

Travefy has a mobile app version which has only a view only feature. The itinerary is loaded onto your mobile and you can refer to them even you are not connected to the internet. This is extremely useful when you are overseas searching for the item you have planned.

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