A place that is often visited by many of the locals and Singaporean located on the west coast of Johor. This is a small little fishing village and one of the attraction is the houses are built on stilts over the water. Over the years, this little village has transformed into a tourist area and some of the houses have become a resort. These resorts are widely available online and transportation can be arranged at some extra fee. They do pick up from Singapore at your door step. Alternatively, you can drive there and the owner will arrange for a private car park for you with some charges.

Traveling to Kukup take less that 1.5 hours from Malaysia custom depending on traffic. It is always crowded during the school holidays and especially over the weekend. Most of the resort are able to accommodate a large group from 10 – 30 peoples and is a good place to get together or for team bonding. Lunch, tea break. BBQ dinner, supper, breakfast are covered by the resort and you do not have to worry about getting hungry. It is relatively safe in Kukup and you can walk around to get a feel of this little fishing village built on stilts. People are warm and helpful, just ask around if you need some help.

Some of the resort also include a boat ride to the nearby kelong and the mangrove forest.  You can see how the fishes are farmed and get a feel walking on a kelong. The mangrove forest is a place to observe the different species of insects, marine life living there and why these mangrove habitats are important to the environment. This mangrove forest is protected as a national park under the Johor State Park Corporation Enactment 1989.

Kukup is a nice place to visit for a day or two. This village looks awesome during high tide with sea water covering the mudflats. However during low tide, you are able to see a lot of trash on the mudflats.  Luckily there’s no awful smell coming from it. Most of the wastewater from each household go straight to the sea too, there is no proper drainage system around this village. Hope more work can help to clean up the trash and with a proper drainage system, this will help to maintain a clean environment and also helps the marine life too.

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