Leong Yeow Chicken Rice

Leong Yeow chicken rice stall is located in a coffee shop along Waterloo street, it has been there for many years and had a good reputation of their roasted chicken. Their chicken is tasty and the meat is very tender, it’s not dry like other stalls. The sauce can be a bit salty. We ordered a single person potion at $4 and is quite filling. Chilli is tangy and goes very well with the chicken, it’s not too spicy and it’s addictive. The chicken rice itself is average, I find that it’s not fragrance enough. The rice is very fat but lacks quality. Just my personal opinion.

Pardon me for not providing the shop photo, I and my friend was happily enjoying the meal and forgotten to take a photo of it. Will provide it when I revisit it again.



Opening hours: 08.30 – 2030 daily

Nearest MRT is Bras Basah


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