Mount Rinjani

Pretty much inspired by a Mount Rinjani video, look challenging yet interesting. I decide to take up the challenge with my aunt and cousin.

We took up a 2D1N package from Adi trekking and proceed with the trip. There’s a couple thing that needs to be prepared.

  • 3/4 T-shirt
  • Jacket
  • Sweater
  • Short/Long pants
  • Small towel
  • Sun hat
  • Camera
  • Flashlight
  • Toiletries
  • Personal medicine
  • Raincoat
  • Sunblock
  • Flip-flop

We started off at 8 am from the Rinjani Information Center (RIC) to Pos 1 (Pemantauan) at 1300 m on the first day.  From far, we are able to see Mount Rinjani, it seems pretty near and yet so far. I would say it’s an easy to medium hike on POS 1 and Pos 2 ( Tengengean ).  After Pos 3 (Pada Balong ) at 1800 m is where things start to get tough. The steep slope, countless of steps, and loose stones which make it slippery. You are able to hitch a motorbike ride along the way, the price seems to start from 200,000 rupiahs, negotiable.

There is a guide, 3 porters going along with us. The porters are just wearing slippers and each carries around 40 kg – 50 kg of stuff, ranging from portable stoves, cooking ingredients, plates, cups, utensils, foldable chair, tents, mattress, water, and beers. They normally will bring along some bottles of beer and you can enjoy after the day hike. If you do not drink, perhaps inform them and they can remove them as they are quite heavy.

It takes 8 – 9 hours to get to Sembalun Crater Rim (Pelawangan Sembalun) 2639M where we will camp for the night. We reach the rim at around 430pm, feeling tired and hoping for a rest. The scenery at the rim cools everything down, we relax and wait for the sunset. The temperature at the rim hovers around 5-10 degree Celsius.

We start trekking up to the summit at 2.30am the next morning, the route at the beginning is still quite easy but the guide can be walking quite fast. The challenge comes in when there are loose stones everywhere. Every 2 steps up are 1 steps down, the thigh gets tired and starting to feel breathless. Your foot just sinks into the loose stone while you are going up. The slope gets steeper and steeper when close to the summit. I rested for every 50 steps when closing to the summit and I started to rest for every 5 steps when about to reach the summit. So do take note of how your body reacts as you go along.

I took slightly longer to get to the summit and missed the sunrise. However, I can watch it on the left-hand side of the mountain. The magnificent view at the summit makes everything worth it.  Mount Rinjani summit is at 3726m, around 2-5 degree Celsius.

Getting down Mount Rinjani is another challenge that you would like to take note of. The loose stones could make you lean forward if you are not careful enough and some of the path is pretty narrow, and have to be careful not falling down the mountain.


Lighthouse Rinjani

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