Pulau Perhentian

Have been to Palau Redang many years back, the beach was amazing, fine sands and coral are abundant. Fishes swam around you and they are so beautiful. As I do not dives, this is a nice place for me to snorkel. After I return from Palau Redang, my friend recommended me to Pulau Perhentian, an island further north of Redang. The sea is clearer, sand is super fine and the coral is nicer.

After many years of waiting, I finally made a trip to Pulau Perhentian with my friend. There is no direct flight from Singapore to Pulau Perhentian. The nearest airport is Kota Bahru which is in Kelantan. All flights from Singapore have to transit KL to get into this airport. Furthermore, we need to take an additional one hour cab, cross over to Terengganu to reach Kuala Besut ferry terminal. This cost us RM70 which can be purchased at the airport taxi counter. There are also airport counters that sell taxi plus boat service to Pulau Perhentian island. Since we have already our boat services settled by the resort, we purchase only the taxi service.

Please purchase your drinking water and beer before you board the boat. Water and beer cost like gold when you buy them on the island. Drinking water is RM3 (1 Litre) and a can of beer is around RM9-RM10. Even those shops near the Kuala Besut Jetty are selling them at only a slightly cheaper rate. For those people coming from the different states, you can buy them before coming to the Jetty. This is super important especially for those who love to drink.

We stayed in The Barat resort, it located on Palau Perhentian Besar. The beach in front of the resort wasn’t that fantastic but it was a good spot. The resort is not that crowded, a peaceful place to relax. The cafe provides good meals, come with free wifi, sea facing enjoying the cool sea breeze. Our resort also provides many sea activities, I do see people staying at other resort coming over to join us for the snorkeling. We wander along the coast and found several resorts. The beach at Perhentian island resort is nice, the sand is super fine and very quiet. Peaceful place. The other beach is around Tuna bay resort, which seems more crowded. The sea view is spectacular, overseeing the entire sea, the sands are super fine too.

There are quite a few offshore islands meant for snorkeling, boat ride takes around less than 10 mins to reach each location. Personally, I love the Rawa island and lighthouse. Rawa island has such a beautiful beach and the water is super clear. From far you are able to see the differences in the color of the water and fishes can be seen from above. One of the guys told me that he saw a little shark swam across my legs while I was walking along the beach. I do encounter 2 baby sharks at Palau Redang, they seem harmless due to their size but no one knows if they parents are coming to fetch them home. The Lighthouse is not located on shore but on a little offshore rock, there are so many corals and we are lucky to see little blue fish swimming in schools. They look so beautiful when the sun ray shines onto them. This is amazing.

I would say the trip is definitely a relax one. Sun, sea, fine sand and sea breeze are always there. A dip into the cooling seawater in the hot sun never fail to cool off my mind. Sitting under the shade, listening to the wind brushing against the coconut tree. Priceless.

Comparing Palau Redang and Palau Perhentian, I would prefer Palau Redang for snorkeling but that was in 2008. The beach is nicer and there are more fishes there. Although I heard the beach in front of the bubble tea hut is reclaimed and not 100% natural. Anyway, there is a speed boat from Perhentian to Redang, which is around an hour journey.

4 thoughts on “Pulau Perhentian

  1. Hi! Nice post. We are heading Perhentians in 3 days. Few questions:
    Is there an ATM there? Is there any supermarket or 7 eleven? Thanks a lot!!

    1. Hi There, I did not notice any ATM machine over there but maybe I just didn;t look around for it.
      There are only provision shop near there, probably 3-4 shops.
      No 7-11 or supermarket.

  2. Can you kindly share with me your return flight and ferry timings between Singapore and Perhentian? Thinking of going there around the National Day holiday. Thank you.

    1. Sorry for the late reply.
      We took air asia flight from Singapore to KL and transit from KL to Kota Bahru.

      I guess you might have went for the trip.
      Did you enjoy it?

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