Punakha is the northeast of Thimphu.

We had our early breakfast and we notice it raining outside. The rain seems to be falling at a very slow speed. Having a closer look, we realize it’s snowing!!!!!!

This is my first time seeing snow falling from the sky. This is so spectacular.  We had a quick breakfast, went back to grab my camera and ran out of the hotel. We are all behaving like kids, playing with the snow. The snow is so soft, and melt in my hands. My hands start to feel freezing cold. The entire street is filled with snow.

This snowfall has caused a road closure along the way to Punakha, we have to return back to Thimphu as its too dangerous to proceed on. We rested and had our lunch in Thimphu while waiting for further news. Today we had western food, I had a carbonara, mushroom soup and a cup of latte.

The gate to Punakha has reopened after hours of waiting and we proceed on with our journey. The weather has changed so fast and the big sunny sun is out. The snow starts to melt and water starts to drip from the trees and the roof. The journey is about 3 hours of drive. The road is really windy and the melting snow has caused it to be muddy.

We reach the Dochula pass which is about 3150m above sea level before reaching Punakha. There are 108 Druk Wangyal Khangzang Chortens built by the present Queen to honor the Bhutanese soldiers who were killed during the war against Indian rebels. If the sky is clear, you will see the speculator Himalaya mountain at this mountain top. However, there are quite a lot of thick clouds today and were not able to see it. Hope we are able to see it when we are going back to Paro.

We continue our journey and finally reach our hotel. It’s a decent hotel with a resort style overseeing the river, mountain and padi field. Air is so fresh and clean, taking a deep breath make me awake after the long car journey. We rest early after dinner. Getting ready for tomorrow journey.

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