Pyin Oo Lwin

Located in the east of Mandalay, Pyin Oo Lwin is considered the city of flowers in Myanmar. The cooling weather throughout the day makes it a good location for flowers garden and fruits plantation. It gets quite cold at night as temperature drop. Some of the attractions around here are the Maha Ant Htoo Kan Thar Pagoda and a nice farm called the December mini farm.

Pyin Oo Lwin kandawgyi garden

This astonishing garden is one of the must visits places in Pin Oo Lwin.

As a city of flowers, this botanic garden covering 177 hectares of land has a wide variety of flowers, coffee, vegetables, and trees. It’s a good place to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery in the nice cooling weather. There is also a bamboo forest and you can see Takins which is the national animal of Bhutan. There is a wildlife corner where you can view birds and peacock. In the middle of the elevated timber walkway, you are able to see deer too.

This amazing garden will take you around 3/4 of your day and there are so much more to see. Take a stroll at the beautiful place and you will love it.

The marketplace

The market is probably the best place to understand the local’s appetite and the raw ingredients they used. This market is huge, selling fresh produce to dry goods, vegetables, poultry, ready to eat food and all sorts of stuff. There’s also a section selling garments and bags. It’s better to arrive early in the morning to immerse yourself with the locals. There is a noodle stall in the market which sells delicious food, one of the noodles I tried is tofu noodles, it’s really delicious.

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