Singapore Kin Kin Ban Mian

Have tried this in Malaysia and this is now always available in Singapore. I have posted in one of my posts and the noodle was fantastic. When this shop was open in Singapore, there are long queues every day. Therefore, I have waited for the queue to cool down before trying this. I went there on a weekday and there is totally no queue.

This shop is located in Macpherson road. Well, it might be a central location but have to walk around 5 mins from MRT station.

The menu is available on the wall and you can place the order by writing on the form they have provided on the table.

I ordered the signature ban mian, can’t wait to add in their dry chilli. Ordered their signature fish-ball soup too as according to my friend, this is nice.



Serving was fast and in the noodle and fish ball soup are brought to us.

For me, the noodle is not as nice compared to the one that I had in KL. The noodle is quite hard, it feels as the noodle is not totally cooked. This is not called “al dente,”. Meatball seems like made from a lot of flour and the overall is not that great.

The chilli which is also part of the main highlight is not great too. It seems like the chilli is dry and not as 香 as the one from KL.

The fish ball is really something tasty, it’s tender and soft. It also has the 弹牙, springy, QQ effect. Each fish ball is big in size too. But it has a slight fishy smell.

Overall, the Singapore Kin Kin ban mian is normal to me and once is enough.


Address: 538 MacPherson Rd Singapore 368220


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