Tiger Nest

Tiger’s nest is the most anticipated activity for this trip. The monastery is located on the cliff edge of the upper Paro valley at 3120 above sea level. We trekked from the mountain base and start hiking to the Tiger’s nest. There are horses available to bring you to the mid-mountain and we can hike […]


Gangtey is to the west of Bhutan. We had our lunch at a shop located in between of Trongsa and Gangtey. This shop has once hosted the Bhutan king. The owner has specially decorated the shop and a special seat for the Highness. The photos hanging on the wall has express how much the locals […]


Today we will be heading off to the central part of Bhutan, Bumthang. Breakfast is very much western-style with waffles and toasted bread. The waffles have a much different texture compare to the one that I usually had. It’s much fluffy. Butter is so hard in this cold morning. We visited Trongsa Dzong along the […]


The journey from Punakha to Trongsa takes around 5 hours on a windy mountain road. Trongsa was the capital of Bhutan but shifted to Thimphu later on. We visited Punakha Dzong along the journey. This is the place where every king is crowned. The current 5th king held his wedding here before celebrating in Thimphu city. […]


Punakha is the northeast of Thimphu. We had our early breakfast and we notice it raining outside. The rain seems to be falling at a very slow speed. Having a closer look, we realize it’s snowing!!!!!! This is my first time seeing snow falling from the sky. This is so spectacular.  We had a quick […]

Bhutan Bazaar

It’s always fun to visit the local bazaar as it reflects the livelihood of the people.  The bazaar is clean and organize. The place is well organized with different sections selling fruits, poultry, vegetable, and spices. As no slaughtering of animals is allow in Bhutan, all the poultry are imported.  About 80% of the local ingredients […]

Food in Bhutan

Rice is the main staple food in Bhutan. The food are pretty delicious. There is an dish where the vegetables are cooked with cheese, it’s tasty and interesting at the same time. Momo is common in Bhutan and you are able to see it on every dish. Bhutan has its own local beer, Druk 11000 which is […]

University of Buddhist Studies

We set off to the University of Buddhist Studies in Bhutan which is located at about 2800m above sea level. We had to take a hike up, which lasted about 45 mins The University of Buddhist Studies is equivalent to any other universities where the students (monks) have to attend lectures and examinations. Monks are […]