Yarra Valley

The home of the vineyard. This is probably the well-known area for the vineyard in Melbourne. It’s around 60km from the Melbourne city and best to drive to these vineyards. Well, I know it sounds weird to drive to a vineyard, sampling wine from different shops, get yourself tipsy and drive back to the city at […]

Royal botanic garden | Melbourne

Royal botanic garden is located in Melbourne city along the Yarra river. There is no entrance fee and open 365 days a year. There are some public transport or shuttle to the botanic garden, however, I choose to walk to the garden enjoying the nice cooling weather. You can easily spend half a day in the garden […]

Great Ocean Road | Melbourne

Great ocean road, one of the must-visit in Melbourne. Great ocean road is estimated 208km west of Melbourne city (according to google map), depending on which route you are taking. One of the iconic scenic spots is the 12 apostles, which is created due to the erosion of the limestone cliffs. There are currently 8 […]