Terra cottar warriors

Terra Cotta Warriors | The guardians of Qin Shi Huang

The Terra Cotta warriors are to protect the afterlife of the Qin dynasty first emperor, Qin Shi Huang(秦始皇). A farmer accidentally found it while digging for water in 1974 and paid with a yuan. The government pay him a house later on as they need to acquire the land

Terra Cotta is an Italian word which means “baked earth”. Each Terra Cotta warrior weighs about 100kg – 150kg after molded and bake in a kiln. Each Terra Cotta warrior is unique and underneath of each them has the name of the craftsman. These warriors are at least 1.83m tall which is slightly taller than an actual human size during the dynasty. The tallest is a general who is 2m tall and weigh more than 200kg.  The body parts made individually and joined together after baking. This is the same for the horses as well.

There is a total of 3 pits on the site which allow tourist to visit, the 1st pit is the biggest and contain more than 6000 figures which compromise of soldiers, chariots with horses and cavalry horses. The second is a military guard and pit three is the command post. As oxidation has caused Terra Cotta warriors to start cracking, flaking and losing its color, some of them remain unexcavated. Some chrome plated weapons and horses which prevented them from corroding are in perfect condition. It’s amazing that this is already invented thousands of years ago.


Restoring each of the Terra Cotta Warrior take about 6-7 months depending on their conditions. There are 3 which are still in good shape which is a kneeling archer, an officer, and a general. The red color at the back of the kneeling archer is still nicely preserved. The general has 9 butterfly ribbons on his armor and he has his index finger pointing outwards which means he is the man in charge after the emperor.

Qin Shi Huang is buried at the mountain behind where the Terra Cotta Warriors are found. It is located kilometer away. The tomb has the Terra Cotta warriors protecting in the front and the Terra Cotta warriors are facing a jade mountain. The jade mountain looks like a lotus with pink jade in the middle surrounded by green jade.

Some YouTube video on the Tomb.



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