Travel Adapter

While languages and currencies are always something that every tourist need to learn and cope with. A travel adapter is something that is unavoidable too, every region does have different power socket and voltage. Tourists are mindful of the voltage when plugging their devices into the power socket, especially on their precious phones and gadget.

This list will help to identify the power socket, voltage, and frequency of the different country.

Country Voltage/ Current Type
Australia 230V/ 50Hz I
Bhutan 230V/ 50Hz c/g/d
Cambodia 230V/ 50Hz a/c/g
China 220V/ 50Hz A/C/I
Hong Kong 220V/ 50Hz g/m
Indonesia 230V/ 50Hz c/f
Japan 100V/ 50Hz – 60Hz a/b
Malaysia/Singapore 230V/ 50Hz G
South Korea 220V/ 60Hz c/f
Taiwan 110V/ 60Hz a/b
Thailand 220V/ 50Hz a/b/c
Vietnam 220V/ 50Hz a/c/g

Power sockets

Power Socket Type
B  Socket Type B
D  Socket Type D
F  Socket Type F
G  Socket Type G
H  Socket Type H
I  Socket Type I
M  Socket Type M