Ubin First Stop Restaurant

It was my mum’s birthday and we had an impromptu dinner at Ubin First Stop Restaurant.  Located in Changi Village, it’s a place whereby I and my family go quite often as its pretty laid back and quiet. Such places are hard to find nowadays. It isn’t our first time there and it was the pleasant experiences which led to me writing this review.
Nothing special to the setting of the place but it makes you feel as if you have returned to kampong days. There’re aircon and non-aircon seating area. Depending on individual preference, we prefer the non-aircon area. The restaurant is pretty spacious, an ideal place for families with kids.

Sambal Petai with Prawns

The Sambal Petai with prawns is cooked together with ikan bills and onion. The ikan bills add the crunch and with the spiciness of the Sambal, it leaves us satisfied and craving for more. A good dish to go with rice.

For those that do not know about Petai. It is also known as 臭豆(smelly bean) in Chinese as it has this unique smell and taste. So not something for the general masses. Personally, I like the unique and slightly bitter aftertaste.

Chinese Spinach

We wanted to order Mani Cai (马尼菜) with egg which is strongly recommended but they didn’t have it so we ordered Chinese Spinach instead. Simple and light dish, its Spinach cooked in chicken stock. Although it’s cooked in stock, the Spinach didn’t lose its crunchiness. And the wolfberries and whole garlic added to the sweet flavor of the dish.

Pork with Ginger and Onion

When the dish was served, I was overwhelmed by the smell. It smells so good! A Generous amount of ginger and onion were added to the dish and when eaten together with the pork, the taste is just awesome. One special thing is that Ku Chai Hua is added (not commonly used) where it enhances the flavor of the dish. Totally enjoyed this dish.

Fried Hor Fun

It’s flavorful with the distinctive ‘wok’ taste (‘Guo Wei’ which is important for such a dish). Some chef tends to add a lot of oil into the dish but for this, it’s just right. The Fried Hor Fun here is not too oily, slightly moist and flavorful, it just keeps you going.


Butter Crab

The highlight of tonight’s dinner was the Butter Crab. The dish was slightly disappointing as it didn’t have the buttery flavor and it’s a tad too oily. But I have to say, the crab was really fresh and sweet.

Overall, the dinner was satisfactory. If you are looking for standards like Long Beach, No Signboard etc., this is not the place. It’s a place for those who are looking for comfort food in a relaxing environment.


Address: 57 Lorong Bekukong, Singapore 499173
Tel: 6546 5905 Fax: 6546 5910


Opening hours: 1130 to 2300 daily



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